Monday, March 31, 2008

If only I could rest my feet flat on the floor!

I do so wish my feet would reach the floor!

I mean, my toes can touch, but I can't place my feet flat without sitting uncomfortably on the very edge of the seat and even then, the pressure is most uncomfortable - especially on college seating.

In order to maintain the comfortable upright sitting position resting against the back of a chair, I must push hard against the floor with the tips of my toes to avoid pinching the nerves and blood vessels in my lower limbs. When my feet swing, I can feel the blood pooling and creating pressure. As the feeling of pressure or fatigue of toe increases, I eventually revert to the position I like least in an attempt to thwart the mounting discomfort. Scooching to the mid center of the chair and reclining in a slouch against the back rest, I stretch my feet as far forward as possible in order to rest my heels on the ground instead of my toes and fold my arms to maintain a compact balance upon the chair. But this posture seems to tell my instructors that I am bored. I mean no disrespect, you understand, but I can't help this.
Eventually, even this posture becomes uncomfortable, so I wriggle again to the former pinching, leg swinging one.
This routine continually cycles interrupting my concentration upon subjects as interesting as Urinary Physiology.
I can't stand always shifting position.

Maybe I should bring a foot-stool to class!

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