Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Research Papers and NO TIME LEFT

It can't really be 10:30 can it? I just deplore research papers. Why did the computer have to crash and lose all my sources? Why couldn't it have lost the page of sources that didn't matter instead of the crucial one that took me half the morning to write up? Why does the source and content cards (at least 30 of these) have to be due Thursday? I'm not going to get any school work done Wednesday or Thursday with the Seder prep on top of a full day of classes. I know I'm whining. I should cease, desist. I guess I'll check back in on this post after I'm finished rewriting. Who wants to bet that that'll be after 2am? Me! But no - the better bet is that I'll fall asleep and wake up at 8am - too late to get anything done. That would just frost the cake, wouldn't it?

I wish, I wish .....that I could have made the Baklava today - I always make that for the Seder. Mom ended up making it because I had too much work. I hope, I hope.....that Violet holds off on kidding til Friday - I just don't have time to deal with heater-less kids in the cold and a usually apathetic doe. I just want sleep, and church, and more sleep, then church again - forget research papers. But I guess that is my vocation as a student right now, so I'll quite wishing and hoping and get back to work!

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TruthQuestioner said...

Well, I'm going to make the second bet come true. I've not finished the sources, but I have got my EDUC journal entry essay done and my PHYS lab report/quiz thing completed. I'm turning in...With God's help I'll find time (between classes) to rectify the source mess tomorrow. Otherwise....I just am not sure how the next couple days are going to turn out. Mom needs help, and I need more time for school. I wish there was enough time for everything. Good Morning (12:35am)