Sunday, March 16, 2008


I have stumbled upon a thought fermenting in my mind concerning the name "Joshua" as it is used in Scripture. I'm going to speculate, so I beg correction if what follows seems extraneous.

There seem to be three "Joshua" type names in the Old Testament which seem to represent, respectively, prophet, priest, and king.

Joshua the associate of Moses: king -ish
Hosea: prophet
Joshua the priest at the time of the return from Babylon: priest

Could these three all be a correllary of "Jesus" the Christ? The thought forces me to pause a moment.

And while I'm speculating, it also seems to me ironic that the witness brought against Jesus was that he would "destroy the temple of God and build it again in three days". Ultimately, by accusing Christ with this charge, his accusers fulfilled it.......or am I wrong?

Maybe I should ask

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