Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am a Universal Donor!

Hey! If any one needs blood here I am!

We just finished blood typing in Physiology Lab and it has been confirmed that I am indeed O+.
As it has been explained, this means that I can give anybody my blood and I can have children (someday) without my blood attacking theirs. Delightful!

My lab partner (also a homeschooler) had O+ blood as well. It must be a homeschooler thing....
Noticing the rich red color of the clumped Rh antibody-attacked liquid, Stephanie commented that she'd like to paint her room that color. I immediately jumped away.... but I will accede that it was a beautiful color. I just wish we could look at it under the microscope.

Dr. Norris poked my finger for me. I don't know what is wrong with me but I've never been able to poke my finger for blood typing. I can poke other people. I can give shots to goats without a hesitation. I can even poke myself with needles and pins without a second thought. But I can't bring myself to use the lancet on myself. Ah, Well. Let's hope I never need an epi-pen or get diabetes or some other condition where I have to "needle" myself.

As an aside, I *adore* Dr. Norris. She has the strangest, dryest sense of humor I've ever encountered, besides being politically incorrect on purpose. Her best comment today was that a Dr. who would overlook Rh factor when giving a patient pregnancy counseling ,

"isn't worth his weight in salt!"

[I'm thinking that this is a cross between "worth his salt" and "worth his weight in gold"]


Snap said...

Yuck!!!! And yet kinda interestin'.

Karin said...

I thought O neg was universal donor....and not universal receiver. I can not receive O positive for instance. Ask you Mom or Dad.....

TruthQuestioner said...

Yes, I mis-heard, mis-remembered or some such detail. :|

Ahem. I was mistaken. O- is universal donor, not O+. Forget getting blood from me.......But at least the "unattacking" part is true.

Karin said...

Ok. I actually was hopeful when I read your post that I found someone else with o- but actually I am raising a whole herd of them. Martin is the only one who does not have O- besides his dad. We are Ohhhhhh negative...... ;o)

Anan said...

Yay! O-!!! Hehehe. I can save you but you can't save me! Ha!

TruthQuestioner said...

Hmmm. Would you save me if you had the opportunity? Or would you just let that pesty Sarah bleed to death? ;-)

I almost want to try just to see what you'd do...then again, I'd rather not go through the pain. :)

I'll just trust Anan's good character to be selfsacrificing.