Sunday, March 9, 2008

For some Strange, Unsophisticated reason:

For some strange, unsophisticated reason, I feel like letting the whole world know my aspirations for this afternoon. Somewhat curious, don't you think?

Well to begin with, in 15 min. my three youngest siblings will be under my command to prepare the kidding box, goat kitchen, and kidding pen. We're kinda off to a late start in kidding preparations; I hope this isn't an idicator of our effectiveness through kidding and milking season.

This year is a little strange in terms of herd care and management. Before this year, I pretty much took all the responsibility for the herd: I gave medications, I set up the barn, I cleaned the barn, I milked the goats, I put together the kidding box and attended deliveries. Mom was heavily involved in processing the milk, but other than deliveries and medical emergencies, she left me to run the barn end of things.
But since this is the last year I will likely be around for kidding, and since classes are taking up so much of my time, Mom wants the three young'uns to learn to take care of the animals under my supervision. They're fairly good at everyday general care, but they don't quite have the eye to spot potential medical problems or give individual care yet. I wince to think of how my poor does are going to have to put up with milking-learners, but after all, I wasn't an able milker once either.....

Got to go put together old ratty towels for the kidding equipment box.....

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TruthQuestioner said...

Hmmmm. There seem to be a lot of "I" s in this post. Will have to watch out for that in future.