Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've been quite mistaken

I've been quite mistaken, though it definitely wouldn't be the first time. Forget the deal about two bucks and a doe - change it to two does and a buck. Comes from not checking closely.

And then we had a name switch and potentially have another name switch brewing. Acacia's name has been changed to Velvet because of her black/chocolate velvety coat. The unfortunate Robin Hood has not had "his" name changed even though "he" has become "she".

My parents think I ought to change Chemnitz name, though. They seem to think that it is disrespectful to name a meat goat destined for slaughter after a great theologian. Personally, I'm not quite so certain. After all, I've named goats after Duke Fredrick, Cardinal Richelieu, Duke John of Gaunt, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Duke of Wellington, and other historical figures before. But I guess using a theologian's name may be going a little far.

I have another couple names in mind if Chemnitz must be renamed. Erasmus and Cajetan are the other options. Mind you, Chemnitz seems to have stuck already.

I want popular consensus. Please respond with an unbiased opinion as to which name best suits a long eared, brown headed, bouncy little buckling.


Karen Stubelt said...

Keep the name you gave him.

Moria said...

Whatever you do, don't use Erasmus. I've already got that one in circulation.