Friday, April 4, 2008


The Perfect One just brought it to my attention that the HT Forums have VANISHED!

I just checked and found this to be, sadly, all too true.

What is going on?

Personally, I'm really sad. I know I haven't been on for at least a month, but I still never dreamed that the Forums would just leave!

The Forums (plus blogged sermons and email questions) were my doctrinal lifeline for the first 4 months after FOR YOU. I don't think I would have made it through the semester as well as I did if I hadn't been able to retreat to the HT blogs and forums to hear the Gospel and sound doctrine.

For me, the forums have a deep emotional significance and it saddens me that they're gone. I wonder why.

Ultimately, though, the forums fulfilled their purpose for me. They tided me over till Emmaus. Now that I have two pastors eager to speak the Gospel to me and answer questions as well as fellow youth I'm getting to know and trust, the forums have faded into the background. I'll always remember the role they played in my life, but I don't depend on them anymore.

Maybe that is how it should be.


Snap said...

Porbre Sarita :(

TruthQuestioner said...

do you mean "pobre"?

Just as long as you don't call me the other name! ;-)

Anan said...

You mean the HT message board forums? That is really strange. But this has happened before. Last time it was because something went wrong with the server or summat and we had to start all over again. Maybe it will come back as a newborn again.