Saturday, March 22, 2008

He is Risen!

He Is Risen! Alleluia!

He Is Risen Indeed Alleluia!



Come you faithful raise the strain of triumphant gladness! God has brought his Israel into joy from sadness! Loosed from Pharoah's bitter yoke, Jacob's sons and daughters. Led them with unmoistened foot, through the red sea waters!

Hail thee Festival Day! Blest day to be hallowed forever! Day when our Lord was raised, breaking the kingdom of death!

At the Lamb's high feast we sing, praise to our victorious king, who has washed us in the tide, flowing from his pierced side. Alleluia!

Awake my heart with gladness, see what this day has done! Now after gloom and sadness, comes forth the glorious Son! My Savior there was laid, where our bed must be made, when to the realms of light, our spirit wings it's flight!

Christ the Lord is risen today! Alleluia! Son's of men and angels say, "Alleluia"! Raise your joys and triumphs high - Alleluia! Sing ye heavens and earth reply, "Alleluia".

Christ Jesus lay in death's strong bands, for our offenses given. But now at God's right hand he stands and brings us life from heaven. Therefore let us joyful be and sing to God right thankfully, glad songs of alleluia. Alleluia!

This joyful eastertide! Away with sin and sorrow. My Love the Crucified has sprung to life this morrow! Had Christ who once was slain not burst his three day prison, our faith had been in vain - but now has Christ arisen! Arisen! Arisen! But now has Christ arisen!

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
O sons and daughters of the King, whom heavenly hosts in glory sing, today the grave has lost it's sting! Alleluia!

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

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