Thursday, March 6, 2008

Help! Someone save me! Quick!

My face is completely covered with disgusting clay. I absolutely detest it. Why, Why must I wear makeup for the graduation photo? I've never in my life even worn lipstick before! Now, not only am I wearing lipstick, but am smothered in foundation, base, some other unknown powder and touched up with mascara and lipstick. All applied by Mom. I know she knows what she's doing, but the final effect looks anything but nice, despite her protests to the contrary. That nasty clay is cracked and unsmooth. I look so fake it's disgusting! I want to cry, but that will make the paint run. I want to scream, but that will make an already stressed out Mom even more stressed out. I've got one hour to finish all my homework for Co-op. AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can girls stand to be smothered with this stuff day after day? I just about suffocated while mom was putting it on! I know that I don't look the nicest with all the acne and red splotches on my natural face, but that is how I am and I'm not ashamed to show people how God made me. But even that not so pretty natural face looks a thousand times better than this smear of brown and pinkish goo.


I'll just have to keep repeating the fourth commandment under my breath to prevent myself from washing it all off.

And lest I even consider such a thing, Mom warned me that if I wash off the make-up, it will leave ugly dark patches under my eyes for several days. Lovely!

I will be soooooo glad to take this gruesome, grotesque, uncomfortable, silly, grimy, clay-y, nasty, abominable, detestable, fake, fabricated, coquetish, useless, pointless, vain, brownish, timewasting, foul, revolting, offensive, nauseating, vile, ghastly, obnoxious, disagreeable, distasteful, counterfeit, bogus, false, spurious, bizzare, ugly, brazen, indiscreet, brash, garish, vulgar, gawdy, shabby, shoddy, low, base, repugnant, despicable, loathsome, odious, sickening, tan-ish, cracking, grubby, caked, encrusted, gritty, smudged, MASK OFF MY FACE!

Uh, just so everybody is clear. I'm rereading this post after a day of reflection and I want to make sure that I'm not saying what I don't want to say. I have nothing against make-up.....on other people. I simply hate it on myself. I hope nobody was offended if they or someone they look up to commonly wears makeup. I was simply commenting on a personal preference. Sorry for any confusion. I most certainly do not attach moral significance to the use of make-up.


Moria said...

So, how'd the picture go? How long did you have to wear the makeup?

TruthQuestioner said...

The picture...well the individual photo (taken by the Co-op) did NOT look like me. It looked like some unsure, sophisticated, sarcastic person. Maybe I look different because I wore my hair down and I almost never do that except very special occasions. The group picture....I'm the shortest (as usual) so I don't know exactly how it will turn out. I guess my only reason for discontent in my pictures is that Mom's graduation pictures are just SO BEAUTIFUL and I can't ever compare with those.
Yes I know, that's breaking the 9th commandment.

I had to wear the makeup all day. I'd sucumbed to picking at it by evening and rubbing it off on my finger tips. But then I had to be careful not to touch anything or I'd leave a smudge.