Friday, March 28, 2008

I am NOT poultry!

Be it officially known and proclaimed through out all the land:

Truth Questioner is NOT a small, cute, fluffy, yellow, bird!

Woe to Aaron Garcia and all others who would adress her as such!

"Hey, chick from my speech class! How's it going?"

I hate loiterers in the Arts Building. They're weird. Loiterers in the science building are normal people. Loiterer's in the Psyche/History/ Philosophy building are somewhat stranger. But the kids that hang around the Arts Building are just....ugh....obnoxious and WEIRD. For the most part. I do know some un-weird people that frequent that building, but for the most part, I wouldn't want to be alone with the ear-ringed, tattoed, guitar-playing, hair-messed-up guys who always seem to be congregated in the little lobby snacking, loudly jesting, and idly strumming guitars. Don't get me wrong - I like guitars. Dad even plays one. But I don't usually feel totally safe around the guitar guys at college.

I had a wonderful voice lesson - the best so far! I even made it up to high F (perfectly, so said my instructor)! And because I had forgotten my music at home, but happened to have my hymnal with me, I was able to sing a good many of these familiar songs I love, plus a smattering of various classical pieces. I think that's what did it. The familiarity really loosened up all the vocal cords and gave me some small bit of confidence.

Then I tried to leave. And as I was walking out the door, 'Mr.' Garcia looks up from his guitar strumming and accosts me in the previously stated manner. I was rather uncertain about what I should do - I didn't wish to be rude. But in my eagerness to be out of that place, I ignored the inquiry and pushed open the front doors just in barely in time to hear that kid tell the rest of the assemby that, "That chick is in my speech class."

When I returned home, The Perfect One gave me a great response which I could have used had I been thinking. I ought to have said that I was unaware that the college allowed poultry in speech classes....


Rachel said...

I always thought that the ear-ringed and tattooed guitar-playing boys had potential to be very interesting people- if you see them away from the people in front of whom they need to appear "cool."

As for words to call young ladies, "chick" I never cared much for (not enough to zing someone, but no real fondness...), but I found "bird" to be charming in a Beatles-esque fashion.

I'm (not offended, but) annoyed by people significantly older than myself calling me "ma'am." It is easier to understand now that I'm in my mid-twenties and married, but as a 19-year-old it always felt somewhat traumatizing...

TruthQuestioner said...

"Ma'am" doesn't annoy me; it just amuses me. I feel slightly hypocritical when addressed as such by elderly gentlemen. I feel 'buttered-up' when salesmen call me that. (no I will NOT say "salespeople"! If people have a problem with using the "generic man" than they have no reason to be using the English language. GET OVER IT all you hypersensitive, jumpy, overly 'right-ified' feminists!) Sorry for the tirade - just had to get that out of me!

I've never heard the 'bird' nomenclature before, but, at least to me, it sounds distasteful.

Anan said...

You had me wodering who the "Perfect One" is for a minute but now I've got it figured out and I feel like I've created a monster.