Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Christ is Risen! Even When I'm Exhausted...

Rejoice with me! I did it!

It's 2:57am on the morning of March 26th and I'm wiped, exhausted, beyond fatigued. But it's done! The paper due tomorrow, or rather today, is finished! Now I can throw away all that material from CDC on STDs which I so carefully printed out this morning.

I feel anything but cheerful. I guess groggy, headachy, and sleep deprived is the best description.

But even when I'm tired and sleepy and not very excited, Christ is Risen!

So why am I so sad and tired? Christ Lives! I have forgiveness! I am free from Sin, Death, and the Devil!

Um, Uh...I'm going to use that freedom to sleep.....:-)

Good morning! He is Risen!

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