Thursday, January 8, 2009

Violating my Principles

Alas! I am breaking an unspoken contract. I was determined not to "sully" my blog with youtube, not that youtube would have a great effect on the quality of the blog. I guess I just didn't want it to be cluttered with other people's works. I wanted this to be a place for original stuff.

But I've already put other unoriginal works up, like poetry. So I might as well post this. I'd like to put the video on, but I don't have real-player which my sister tells me is necessary for such things. I can't resist, so here is the link: The Dragon

Ok, so maybe it's not worth getting worked up over. But I like the song even better with the pictures. If you choose to listen to it you absolutely MUST NOT listen to it without watching it!! The pictures are part of the reason I put it up. Some one very obviously put a lot of effort into finding these images and making them match the lyrics. I especially love the last two images before the lyrics end. They're awesome!

Just so no one is completely caught by surprise, this is a Michael Card song from his album treating the book of Revelation. As always, some of his songs I like very much, and others not at all. This is one of the liked ones. If you remember the dragon part of Revelation, you'll probably appreciate this. At any rate, here 'tis. This is a pretty lame post, so I hope that those of you who take the time to follow the link will enjoy it more than this.

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