Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Resolution of the New Year

As I am notoriously inept at making and keeping New Year's resolutions, I've conived with myself and come up with a rather appealing variation of the same. Rather than various resolutions on a whim upon the New Year's Day (which, ahem, has already passed) I conceived of making a variety of resolutions to go into effect for the continuation of the New Year as of the day in which I make them.

So, now for the First Resolution of the New Year:

I, Eowyn Shieldmaiden (a.k.a. Dernhelm, etc) do hereby purpose, resolve, and determine, with due consideration, taking into account both the needs of my body and the demands of my study and fellowship, to obtain at least seven hours of sleep within every period of twenty-four hours commonly called one day, except in cases of dire need wherein to relinquish such relaxation and revitalization remains the only means of diverting certain catastrophe of academic or personal concerns, during the remainder of the Year of our Lord 2009.

With all due reverence to the Divine Power which determines such matters and due respect to the Weakness of Flesh which exerts it's will upon them also.


OFHP said...

That's sounds very good !!

Let me know how you do

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

I must be getting old. Seven hours doesn't sound like enough, even though it's more than I usually get.

As always, though, love the way you've phrased your resolution.

Anxious to hear about your adventures in the great white north. . . .

Moria said...

Don't mean to sound pessimistic, but the exception you've allowed yourself can be understood rather broadly, depending on one's mood or current occupations...especially if this has been a difficulty in the past.

TruthQuestioner said...

I'm doing it well.

Seven hours is the bare minimum. I prefer 8 or 9.

It hasn't been too much of a problem. It just seems like a worthy resolution. :P

Brandon Barr said...

Sleep is good!

A good resolution if one had to make one.

God bless your studies.