Monday, January 5, 2009

Pity, Pity the Guys, Plus St. Augustine, Plus Beavertails

How would you like to live in the world's coldest capital and have your radiator explode in the night and your drains freeze?

Apparently, this is what happened to our boys last night. They came in to the main building, late, cold and a little grumpy. I hope they thawed sufficiently. :D

We had a three and 1/2 hour lecture/discussion in Philosophy today over St. Augustine's On Grace and Free Will. It was very interesting, but stretched my lazy mind.

After homework, one of the girls took me skating on the Canal and we bought and ate Beavertails. Think of a whole grain sort of non greasy, thick, narrow elephant ear covered in thick glaze (in my case, maple). Delicious, but potentially fattening.

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