Monday, January 19, 2009

Aquinas and I

I'm becoming quite chummy with St. Thomas. I think the poor fellow is very misunderstood. Either that or he's misleading me, which I wouldn't put past the old chap, though I'm sure he wouldn't do that intentionally. Misleading me isn't ordered towards his last end and I'm not sure what certain good he could be pursuing that would cause him to mislead me. I'm guessing that it wasn't my "sensitive appetite" that caused us to put our heads together, though. My "rational appetite" probably had more to do with it. My "speculative intellect" is starting to put him to use. Last week, his writing provoked some of the passions of my "irascible appetite" but that is past. Somehow, I don't think Aquinas will ever directly affect my "concupiscible appetite."

More later, if Greek doesn't kill me first. φευγω. διωκει και τοξουει. If you can understand that (and if I didn't write it incorrectly) you get "full marks" for this lesson.


Moria said...

Do be careful of his teachings on grace, justification, and the sacraments. It is tempting to become uncritically admiring of him after reading his anthropology.

TruthQuestioner said...

Thanks Pastor, I will (I hope). We've only read selective portions from him and we're through with Aquinas now. We did read a section on free will that made me feel uncomfortable, but I didn't know what to do with it.

Anyway, the post is mostly just silliness in order to have a post.

I wish I had one of you pastors up here to discuss the Philosophy material with. I'm finding it fascinating, but I don't know exactly how to react to some of it.