Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Becoming Fashionable: Last Night's Dream

Since Dreams seem to have become such a blogger fad in the last week, I'm going to join the "in" crowd with one of my own.

I can't remember all of it except that it was rather deeply emotional, and I ended up sobbing.

The two most tramatic events in the dream were as follows.

Mom somehow stole my big red cabbage from the basement refrigerator and boiled it. How could she? I mean, that cabbage was my sustenance! Whatever will I do without it! And just the thought of limp boiled cabbage makes me think, "Ick!"

Pastor Grobien was tried and convicted of heresy. The church (youth) were in a state of shock and didn't believe it. Pastor Stuckwisch was sobbing, which was most disconcerting. The Grobiens were the calmest people in the whole church. I'm not sure who exactly he was tried by, what the charges were, or what they were going to do to him, but ironically, I seem to remember that the heresy had something to do with Thomas Aquinas. This was rather odd.

I woke up trying to figure out what vegetable I was going to cook for dinner now that my cabbage had been murdered and feeling a very empty, grieving feeling, wondering how I could go back to an Emmaus without Pastor Grobien. It has not a happy awaking...until I realized that it had all been a dream.

Adendum to the Nightmare:
More just came back to me. Somehow I was in a foreign land and was somehow married, but I don't know who to. I and my mother in law were both expecting; at the same time, our village was being bombed. Daddy showed up to take me home to safety only to discover that I was married and he had to leave me. Strange things dreams are.

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