Thursday, February 21, 2008

Your DESTINY!!!!!!

I have a little too much energy tonight! It's incredible to sit right next to Anan and yet converse with said person over internet! I feel that I must record a certain lively bit of knowledge lest I forget it. The words lose their humor when committed to page, but I if they do not undergo the transformation, I likely will forget them. Here we go!

We have finally concluded that the mysterious "inner being" who has been thoroughly discussed during the last day and a half is really the sinful nature....Erik still seems to have doubts on this and prefers to keep the "inner self" securely fastened under his hat...

So... While there (at that place) we watched a clip of a street interview done in London. The question is "What is your Destiny!" Imagine strong English accents. (For those of you I or Anan or Erik or Snap know, we will try to reproduce the proper linguistic emphasis upon request.)

Young man: Opens mouth {thinking} stutters..."I ... don't know.. really."
Young woman, long dredlocks in ponytails, 7yr old smile on face: " I just want to be... happy! And to explore as many things in my life as I can!"
American tourist lady with friends: " I don't believe in luck. {turns to friends} Do I, girls? I think everything happens for a reason, and if things just .. fall into place.. then that's your destiny."
Young man with friend: "Destiny...It's a cosmic thing..."
Young man: "99% of people are just... stupid, and then you have the exceptional few ... like Rup. Murdock who actually do stuff and change the world..."

Hopefully, this has explained some of the interesting features of the last two hours.....

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