Monday, February 25, 2008

Nietzsche is Right! (Don't faint)

I have a shocking announcement to make! After consideration of select passage of eloquent work given me by a disgruntled professor who figured he’d take it out on his fellow professor’s student as well, I have come to a startling conclusion. Nietzsche was right!

Don’t fall out of your chair. Nietzsche has the sinful nature perfectly summarized. In fact, in his arrogance, he does not realize that he is saying the exact same things as many theologians. However, what he describes as the highest good in human will, Scripture describes as the total depravity of the human will. And he’s got the law somewhat figured out to and it bugs him to death. He rails against the law because chafes him. It must therefore be a figment of some sort of “slave-morality”. It obviously contradicts itself and human nature. Therefore, since human nature is the ultimate good, the law must be thrown off.

And the individual is God. The individual determines right from wrong.
Sounds about right, right?

Listen to this “However modest one’s demands may be concerning intellectual cleanliness, when one touches the new Testament one cannot help experiencing a sort of inexpressible feeling of discomfort; for the unbounded cheek with which the least qualified people will have their say in its pages, in regard to the greatest problems of existence, and claim to sit in judgment on such matters, exceeds all limits. The impudent levity with which the most unwieldy problems are spoken of her (life, the world, God, the purpose of life), as if they were not problems at all, but the most simple things which these little bigots know all about!!!”

Fun, fun! He’d be right too if it were really those “unqualified people” speaking through it’s pages. He seems acutely aware that life, the world, God and the purpose of life are significant, but Nietzsche seems insanely jealous that the people who wrote Scripture had a grip on these things that he can’t grasp! And as for ad-hominem attack, well we won’t go there.

I’m going to try to write a response to these pages of Nietzsche that have been thrust under my nose as a kind of ‘I told you so’. I’m pleased to be caught in the ripple of the debate between two profs, because the very fact that there is debate illustrates that the Holy Spirit is still working. God-willing, I'll have time to work on this over Spring Break next week.

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