Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two Down; One, Two, Three, Four to go!

My Philosophy term paper and my Music term paper are complete! God has done great things for me!

Now I have a Music midterm exam on Wednesday, an Art term paper due the 17th, a Scripture term paper due less than a week thereafter, a Science term paper due within this month, and a Literature term paper due by the end of term. Augh!

Basically, I first need to find some commentary on a couple paintings of the Trinity, and I'll be ready (more or less) to go for the Art Paper. The Scripture paper should take no more than a Friday and a Saturday. The Science paper will likely form itself into a creative letter to the professor, just being my blunt self. And for the Literature paper, I'm thinking of examining the likeness between Lilith in George MacDonald's Lilith and Orual in C.S. Lewis' Till We Have Faces. Both headstrong, stubborn to their own harm, females needing to be shaken up a bit...Hmmm. I wonder why I like that notion?

I had better go to sleep now. After all, I Kant write four papers post - Hume - ously...

(Please, someone, get the joke.)


Nana said...

(...sorry, don't get the joke...)

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elizabeth said...

Immanual Kant and David Hume. I was 19 when i read Hume; Kant I read a little later and laughed at his idea of how God exists only because we think of God. yeah.

Take care!