Sunday, March 15, 2009

Transfigurific, Transfiguralicious, Transfigurational

It's Done!
The Art Term Paper is finished. It's been creamed.

I enjoyed writing it. I learned a lot and I was amazed to actually see beautiful themes emerging from individual paintings once I actually spent extended periods of time examining them.

The 'extended periods of time' was the grueling part. I don't want to have to pull the stay-awake-till-5am thing again. Once was enough. It provoked the strangest, most uncomfortable subconscious searching slumber I have ever experienced, too.

I'm really rather proud of this paper. I don't know how well my prof will like it seeing as how I was not able to find direct commentary sources on the paintings. But I did my best and I think my interpretations are accurate.

Alliteration, pun, nuance, and word innovation came quite readily to me while writing this one - don't ask me why.

"pure white" - when commenting on color meaning.
"robe red and richly..."
"lends to Perugino's painting a Paraclete-centered-ness"

My R.A.s and were discussing at some point exactly how to turn Transfiguration into an Adjective. We stuck with the above, though Transfiguralicious and Transfigurific were considered.

I guess it was the banana bread I snacked on all night.


elizabeth said...

glad to hear the paper is done! what a special time of community you are having right now. savour it. :)

Uncle Ick said...

Sarah is rewarded the "Amazingly crazy work till five in the morning when you have class the next day award." I must admit Sarah that had to be pretty painful