Sunday, March 22, 2009

I and Thou - my bed, shower, etc

I have just finished a very confusing, but fascinating assignment on Martin Buber.

And I am planning on treating my bed as an It. I have no desire at all to enter into relation with Bed tonight - you see, I plan to experience the bed, feel the warmth, sense the softness, smell, the freshness. I have absolutely no desire to contemplate the bed, saying "You" to it with all my being while it reciprocates saying "You" to me with all its being. Bed will likely always reside in Thinghood for me. Sorry, Bed.

Now a shower, that's another matter. I could almost say "You" with my whole being as I contemplate a Shower as it is in its being. Perhaps after a long, cold camping trip in the backwoods...

Forget about people right now. I'm too tired to say "You" to them. My 'being' needs to be recharged by experiencing some "It"s through snoozing.

Perhaps more on Buber later - some serious instead of frivolous thoughts.
To all my readers, I say "You" to You! :P

That probably made no sense at all, but that is all right. After all, if You are really a You, there can be no mediation between us...

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elizabeth said...

oh boy. very academic. i have heard of this author and book, but have not read it; would be interesting to hear about your he one of the existentialists?

take good care

ps: time is running out it seems before you leave, did you want to email me about maybe seeing a service at my church before you leave? would love to have you sometime!!! :)

pps: your post made sense.