Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How many male students does it take to change Professor Bloedow's tire?

Setting up the scenario:

Frigid temperatures
Steeply inclined street
Old, beat up car
Flat tire
Senior professor
Four strong male students
One hour (during Greek Class)

Goal: Tire Change

I'm hearing this second hand, but I wish I could have seen it myself and taken some pictures. Apparently, the little jack kept slipping - dropping the car onto the boys. The brakes worked on the front tires - unfortunately, the flat tire was on the front. It took all four of them to lift the car to reinstate the jack, hold the car from rolling down the slope, and change the tire without the car falling again. And also, a whole hour in the freezing cold.

Like I said, someone should have snapped some photos.

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Nicholai Stuckwisch said...

I would just add skies instead of tires it would look so cool