Friday, April 18, 2008

XX is a Female, NO MATTER WHAT!

If one more person says anything about this person's baby, I think I will retch.
Yes, I know that that is graphic. Maybe I won't vomit, but I'll at least scream.

This subject seems to have come up in every single class for the last week! It doesn't help that we're discussing reproductive mechanisms in Physiology today.

It's very interesting to note how many people seem to take all their current events information from Opra (did I spell that right?)

I don't care what "surgical alterations" were done, as far as I'm concerned, "it" is a woman, always was and always will be, no matter what kind of perversions she engages in.

It's just wrong, but I don't dare scream that in class.

...Hmmm. I wonder what would happen if I did raise a ruckus the next time the topic comes up...So what if I'm "intolerant"? Why won't they "tolerate" me? Maybe I should try this as an experiment.


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