Monday, April 7, 2008


Sooo....Instead of blogging about the two most WONDERFULLEST, Biggsest, bestest happenings in my life recently, I found myself stuffing blue paste, milk and meds down the throat of a little black goat tonight.

Ah, coccidiosis? Possibly. That little organism would just love to complicate my life by stealing the life of my bittie baby. But (God-willing) we will thwart its endeavors! that is if it truely is coccidiosis.

On a more serious note, I'm not quite sure whether Velvet (Brown) will get better or worse from here. She's drinking a tad bit of milk, but nothing more. She's not as active and passively curls up in my arms instead of kicking a little bit. Much as I like to cuddle kids, I know that they are sick when they too readily submit to being cradled and cuddled. As well as when they shiver on a hot day.

So, we'll just see what happens tomorrow. Maybe I'll even get to blog about the two most recentest, bestest events/items!

Good Evening to all!

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