Thursday, January 24, 2008

St. Timothy

Ahem! There seems to be a discrepancy in St. Timothy's feast day. Take a look at this (it's from Wikipedia, but don't scream)

Greek and Eastern Orthodox: 22nd
LCMS and Traditionalist Catholics: 24th
ELCA and Roman Catholic (2nd Vatican): 26th

Hmmm. Well, whether this is two days late, two days early, or right on time, A Blessed Feast of St. Timothy to You!

Here's a few tidbits that I could find on Timothy.

"Timothy was recorded as having first recieved the episcopate at Ephesus as Titus also was appointed over the churches in Crete." (Eusebius')

Martyred after opposing a pagan procession
Born at Lystra
Son of Greek father and Jewish mother (Eunice)

Name (Timótheos) meaning "honoring God"
Martyred in either 80 or 97 AD

Accompanied Paul on many of his missionary journeys.

I'm not going to write much else, but if anyone wants to search further: (somehow looks familiar...) (I'm not sure this is the same guy) (not much info, but great picture)

I've now gone through 25 pages of search results . Never ever google some topic as broad as St. Timothy. I think most every link was to some church or parachurch organization. That was tiring, so I'm done!

Aaughhh!!! I just looked at how many results I could have seen: 636,000 to be exact!

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