Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mud, Blood....and Anan's Birthday.

I have not time to do this post justice, but I'll do the best I can.

Happy Belated Birthday, Anan! "Oh, mighty Anan......" (forgive the pun)

Informal birthday celebrations are always a blast. Especially when they hail the birthday of terrific, fun, but down to earth people like Anan. And when they include a little bit of dirt, sweat....and blood.

Actually, I say the last sentence only half jokingly: I really enjoy getting dirty in a good tussle. Pity those poor dignified adults who dare not soil their clothing in innocent fun. :P

So by the end of a vicious, rule-less game of something slightly akin to volleyball (which, by the way, is the only real way to play with a volleyball) Anan, Eric, Magsplat, and I were mud-spattered (some of us more than others). How Snap's clothing managed to remain somewhat immaculate is a mystery to me.

Eric, of course, was the victim of the brawl - but only by his own doing. If the lad had not clutched the ball so tightly, it would not have been as much fun wresting it from him.

And the "poor, weak girls" would have enjoyed their triumph a lot more if, just as Eric capitulated in exhaustion, a laughing Mostly Harmless had not swiped it and carried it off in spite of Anan's best efforts.

At the end, I was left with Eric's blood on my skirt. Yep. I guess that's better than his blood on my hands or head. :P

Mud and blood and sweat. That makes any party wonderfully fun. The skirt will bear a couple more washings before it regains it's former state of health. I suppose Eric's elbow would benefit by a little more skin growth too! The mud was wonderful! I mean that. There is really no better place for a volleyball net than mud. We really should have had mud for the tug of war game. That would have been awesome!

Voice switches were, um, pleasantly and hilariously interesting. "Manly grunt: Ugh!" "Girly squeal: Eiiiii!"

Happy Birthday, Anan! Can we rewind the tape and do it again? Please?


Nat said...

I wanted to keep the ball in male possession. Eric had been lying face-down on top of it for five minutes while people grabbed and tickled and piled on and generally good-naturedly abused him, so I thought the least I could do was take the ball off his hands in his minute of need. ;)

Nick-Ig said...

I wish I had been there. I on the other hand don't like mud that much sorry. It is sticky gooey and bla. Anyway if I was there of coarse the boys would have won.

Anan said...

Yeah well, Erik and I did pretty awesomely, even when we curled up on the ground and waited for the ball to come over the net. (It landed on top of Erik.)


TruthQuestioner said...

Nat: Yeah, sure, that's why you stood and looked on for the majority of the tussle.

Nick: You need to get dirty more. Honestly! Want to come help me scoop goat pens?

Anan:He He. Yesss. That ball could have killed you! Ahem, that is if it even managed to get thrown in the right direction........

Snap said...

No, Nat tried to join, but I managed to keep him out of it for most of the time