Saturday, September 26, 2009

Something to Think On


*Are practices inherently meaningful?

*Is history irrelevant when it is forgotten or ignored?

*Meat sacrificed to idols?

*What is pretend and pretending?

*Two ditches:

That's enough for now.


Sir Cuthbert said...

1. Some practices may have inherent meaning, but if they all did, Christmas trees still would be pagan (druid?) simbols. So most practices have only the meanings they are given from outside. Here it would be convenient if exherent were a word.

2. Ignoring history doesn't make it irrelevent, it just means we'll do the same stupid things our ancestors did. Of course, being miserable sinners, we probably would do many of them anyway.

3. Paul answered it.

4. It's what we did before we had video games.

TruthQuestioner said...

Nice and conscise, Sir Cuthbert.

Ach, if my thoughts were better defined I'd respond, but the incoherence of my current mental activity is the very reason I posted questions instead of opinions in the first place. :P

Anyway, thank you.