Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Very First Nursing Patient

Before I ever step foot in the clinical setting, I have identified my very first patient. She's nearer to me than any other, but, strangely, I've been quite indifferent toward many of her critical needs. Ironically, this indifference has grown as my interest and involvement with nursing has increased. That I now hope to remedy.

If I do not take care of myself, how can I hope to help my patients? How can I pledge myself to give my clients the most complete and holistic care I can, if the best my body and mind can offer them at the time of care is not the best which I could provide were I in good health and practicing a healthy lifestyle?

Hence, I must initiate the Nursing Process in regards to myself. Time being limited, I'll not run through all steps of the Nursing Process in this post (Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementing, Evaluating) but skip to one of my personal self diagnoses and the interventions I plan to address it. (Following info from Nursing Diagnosis Handbook, Mosby)

Nursing Diagnosis:

Sleep Deprivation - Prolonged periods without sleep.

Defining Characteristics (Those applicable): Acute confusion; agitation; anxiety; apathy; daytime drowsiness; decreased ability to function; fatigue; hand tremors; heightened sensitivity to pain; inability to concentrate; irritability; lethargy; listlessness; malaise; restlessness; slowed reactions; transient paranoia

Patient will awaken refreshed and be less fatigued during the day.
Fall asleep without difficulty.
Verbalize plan that provides adequate time for sleep.
Identify actions that can be taken to improve quality of sleep.

I'm planning that TQ will spend at least a half hour in physical activity each day, sufficiently hydrate herself, and shower and engage in devotions before bed in order to promote quality of sleep and quick commencement of sleep. Also, TQ will provide sufficient time for sleep by reducing the unnecessary waking activity of recreational online communications to a minimum of 30 minutes per day (including during study) on all school days/nights. TQ will complete homework, physical activity, and daily devotions before other unnecessary or recreational activities (excluding special situations which call for care of others and which clearly take priority over hours of sleep). TQ will initiate a 9:45 bedtime curfew to be strictly adhered to unless the next day's homework is still to be completed.

Interventions to be evaluated after a week, reassessment to be performed, and needed interventions implemented.

Now for some sleep!


elizabeth said...

yeah. this is a hard one, esp. in university where the homework is really crushing. don't be afraid to need to be flexiable with your schedule. My love to you.

Moria said...

You'll have plenty of reasons later in life to lose sleep. Don't start yet! :)

Nat said...

I think you mean adhered.

Pastor: first I read that and missed the word "lose." Seemed an odd thing to say, that way.

TruthQuestioner said...

Elizabeth: Thanks for the encouragement. My love to you too.

Moria: Don't tell me that! By the time I'm eighty I won't be sleeping at all if sleep loss escalates. :P

Nat: I DID mean "adhered". :P Ack. Finger-brain disconnect.