Friday, July 17, 2009

Two items

Two small items.

I copied down the following from an excellent and much loved (and worn) shirt of a friend in Vilnius. It was accompanied by illustrations:

Optimist - The glass is half full
Pessimist - The glass is half empty
Realist - The glass is.
Idealist - The glass should be full
Feminist - His glass seems more full than my glass.
Environmentalist - Save the water!
Anarchist - Let's break the glass!
Capitalist - Let's sell the glass!
Chemist - The glass is... (proceeds to list the chemical formula of glass which I failed to copy down)

Also, on the way home from the SB airport, Grandpa bought us Burger King. I was appalled (though quite humoured) at the message on the paper cups:

Maybe you want a lot of ice. Maybe you want no ice. Maybe you want your top securely fastened, or maybe you want to go topless. Hmmm? Maybe you want to mix COKE and SPRITE. Maybe you want to let your cup runneth over (we wish you wouldn't). Whatever you do, make sure to have things your way.

Note to self: Why a Biblical allusion?


elizabeth said...

Funny shirt. :)

Yes. Our culture is showing it's failings in fast food slogans.

It is good when we notice that these things are not giving any health for a nation or for individual souls.

Lord help us.

Uncle Ick said...

Maybe you would have preferred to go somewhere else to get your meal but this was the only option...