Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adolescence of the Adiaphoron

My dearest reader,

You've stuck with me for a year and a half now. I've rambled, ranted, philosophized, picturized, and poeticized. After writing 245 posts, a fraction of which I've actually posted, over two years of intense personal change between the ages of 16 and 18, it is time for my blog to come of age.

Up until now, I've written pretty much whatever I wanted in whatever form at whatever time with no obviously intended purpose. Sometimes I've been pretty childish about it, and I'm not proud of it all. On the other hand, I've stayed within a fairly narrow range of topics which I guessed would be acceptable to those who might read the blog and refrained from those which might provoke disagreement or antagonism. It's time for both of these to be revisited.

I'm about to create guidelines for myself and my reader pertaining to the writing and reading of this blog. Once these are in place, I plan to launch a series of blog posts dealing honestly with thoughts on Feminity, connections between thought, act, and spirit, and other topics I've previously been hesitant to comment on. At the same time as I allow myself greater freedom topically, I'm going to reign in a bit of the disorganized ranting, steam-blowing, and emoting - at least channel it through more orderly expression.

The Adiaphoron is growing up, just like I am. It's a slow evolution, but necessary. I need discipline and so does my writing. Greater freedom calls for greater restraint and guidelines to employ that freedom properly.

Let's see how this experiment works!



elizabeth said...

Okay. I will enjoy reading whatever you wish to write!

Just FYI however - I did not find your blog to be immature. Just a normal blog of a lovely person with many ideas and insights.

Life, I am learning, is not fully prepacked, organizable or fully catagorical. Thus your blog seemed fully normal and true to life! :)

Of course, this is not saying that I do not wish life to be a bit more straitforward, but am learning to accept that it is not so.

My love to you this day.

The Incredible Ick said...

Will the new mature blog still allow for a follow up to your previous post on Lithuania?