Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Packing Vexations

Oh, dear me. I'm not sure how I'm going to get everything home. This is most vexing. Book sales don't pay off....hmm.

So far, I've almost filled 3 checked bags and my carryon. All electronics are somehow crammed into my computer case. I can't remember what we used for a 4th checked bag coming up, though I know I had one. Maybe it was my backpack....I honestly don't remember. I sure hope I don't have to dump the bags out and repack them at the air port, though I'm told it's a definite possibility. I'll try to leave myself at least 4 if not five or six hours to get through everything at the air port since I've never flown alone before. I'm not apprehensive about the actual flight. I just don't care for all the red tape and making sure all my stuff ends up going where it should go.

Anyway...that was quite random and unthoughtful, but, heh, life is random sometimes.

And I want tea and a nap. This pharynx inflammation is not making my life comfortable and I'm praying it goes away in time for Graduation. If not, I won't be able to talk. I feel like a gargling machine. :P If anyone knows a remedy for sore, infected, inflamed throats, please send it my way!


Uncle Ick said...

if there is going to be a Sarah gargling at her Graduation I really want to see a video. But I too hope you get better soon.

elizabeth said...

Feel better soon!

Greyhound is often a good priced option for mailing things... I have not mailed things over the boarder with them, but you may want to see how much it costs...

planes are super picky wiht luggage now = make sure yours allows all of your luggage - I have literally had to leave stuff with my parents that I thought I would take with me. Call the airline to be sure.

My love and small prayers tonight!

Snap said...

Hope you feel better soon. :(

It's a good thing you are moving back into the bigger bedroom when you get home so you will be able to fit everything into it. :D

See you in (:D) FOUR DAYS!!!!!
::jumps up and down::