Friday, February 13, 2009


Her eyes bugged out as a pasty hue crawled with lightning speed up her face. Her heart sprang to her throat as if stung, leaping in terror of the spectral horror printed in seeming characters of adamant on the four sheets (though they might as well have been marble) in her trembling ice-fingers; falling, falling, falling, three weeks flashing before her eyes, till her taunt body impacted the slimy ooze at the bottom of the clay pit and the vision vanished away into darkness. There she limply lay, gibbering, engulfed by the jelled clay, unable to muster even the will to set a quivering hand to the miry insurmountable walls. How long shall she lie there? An hour? Five minutes? Perhaps. But she cannot lie so forever - there's nothing to eat down in the muck. Soon she will realize that whether she begins soon or late, eventually she must force her constrained and bruised limbs to move - to beat their way out of the clinging ooze and grapple the slimy wall. There is no other option.

Sarah sighed: turning her face from the keyboard, her glance fell on four research paper assignments. Due in three weeks. Across those shrouded forms, the shadow of another falls.

It's not all that bad. A little drama puts it all in perspective. Kind of. I had looked forward to Reading Week (our equivalent of Spring Break) this coming week. Now I'm pretty much saying goodbye to my leisure plans. There is absolutely no way I'm going to have a Music Paper, a Philosophy Paper, a Scripture Paper, an Art Paper, and a Science Paper done in just a few weeks - even a month - if I don't devote my reading week to them. Sigh!

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