Thursday, February 5, 2009

Doughnuts, Anyone?

Tonight, I managed to almost catch the house on fire. I'll explain later. (Hyperbole, by the by.)

I also made doughnuts, which are delicious, with the aid of my friend, Samantha. While doing so, we discovered a mutual appreciation of Michael Card and spent the next few hours while the doughnuts were frying and we were cleaning listening to his songs. And what do you know? One of our RA's walked into the kitchen. "Is that Michael Card?" she said. "Wow! I can't believe I'd forgotten about him." And she joined us singing.
It was great, but now it's late, and I must go to bed.
The doughnut's fate - for me must wait; until I rest my head.



Snap said...

Doughnuts are fun. :D Remember when Mom used to make them with us? I'm glad you didn't burn down the building though.

The Celebrated Author said...

Tell! Tell! Tell! Tell!

OFHP said...

Did you leave the iron on????????????