Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Need for Caution: Contrition

I've become abruptly aware recently that many of the sayings and metaphorical phrases which I grew up hearing and using in a clean and witty sense may be understood in an unclean, perverted sense. I shall have to exercise much caution if I mean to keep my communication as clear as my thought.

To all my friends and readers: Forgive me if I have unintentionally said something offensive, suggestive, or improper. If it occurs again, please correct me and clarify. Apologies in advance.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, that's ok too.


Karin said...

It's the isolated, sweet,innocent you who lives with your lovely family, who are NOT perverted. Much of our language does not have to be constued as perverted but sadly it can be by some people. This happens to our kids too. They have matter a factly addressed certain aspects of life, partly because of farm living and other people might raise their eyebrows. No fault of yours TQ. Anna had a young man tell her that a lot of what she says is dirty and she gently pointed out that she was not the one being dirty and wondered whose mind was dirty???? Don't worry about having offended or do worry now but I seriously doubt the TQ I know would purposely offend anyone. You are not the offender. The older you get, sadly, you will learn more of what others find 'dirty' or offensive. I love the innocence of your family and ours. Keep being who you are and of course you will 'figure out' what others may find offensive.

TruthQuestioner said...

Thanks, Karin. I appreciate your words.

I know that my intentions are innocent. I also know that many of my peers construe my words differently without perverted intent: their rearing has shaped their internal dictionary as well as mine has. If I wish to serve my neighbor, I must understand how my vocabulary meshes with his in order for him to receive my communication with the meaning I intended.

Karin said...

"Don't worry about having offended or do worry now"

Yes, Sarah, that is exactly what I meant as well. Of course you will take caution now. God Bless!