Friday, October 16, 2009

Ebenezer (look it up)

Thus far by the grace of God...

Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.

Clinical Practicum is over. Next week I take Exam III and the Theory Final. God-willing, I'll move on to Geriatrics.

I couldn't have passed this test without help. I barely began studying for it prior to yesterday. Lord knows the other classes, life changes, and distractions heaped on my plate. Yet, I feel that I knew the information I needed to; I predict a passing score. Not an excellent score, but a passing score - and that is all I need. For a sufficiently clear mind, alertness beyond my current sleep status, and a good memory, I thank the Lord.

Now I'm about to do something I haven't done in a week. I'm going to go take a walk by myself for pleasure. For no other reason than that I want to be in the air, sun, trees. I'll leave the Care Plans, the Nutrition reading, the exams behind for an hour. They won't go anywhere.

I've a sudden strange sensation of living a life different from what I thought it was. A life where I'm not in control, but controlled by another for my good. Life shifts in it's fluid course. On Christ the solid rock I stand: all other ground is sinking sand.


Karin said...

I bike for the same reason you walk. Leave it behind and enjoy the countryside. It's great. Hope you enjoyed your walk.

Nat said...

Congrats on the (so far as you can currently tell) passed test, Sarah. Good luck on the ones to come.

elizabeth said...

Yes. Hang in there. Glad you went for a walk.

TruthQuestioner said...

Thanks, All! I did enjoy it. The mind was so distracted that I had to rest if for a while. I even spent an hour in the little museum!