Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lithuanian Churches


Foist ov awl,

't 'pears dat da Evangelical Lithuanian Lutheran Church has been 'round fo' a loooooong time - since the Reformaysh. 't also 'pears dat da Evangelical Lithuanian is in full fellowship with da LCMS (my synod, in case anybody was wondering.... :P )

But 'part from that, I can't really say much else, since I don't speak/read Lithuanian. hmmm.

Ecumenical Contacts
Confession of Faith


Uncle Ick said...

Well if you are able to commune with them that is good. But how are you supposed to know what they are saying during the service?

elizabeth said...

I detected some AC lingo in this post I think!!! and lots of fun S. in it.

How long are you going for?

My love.

TruthQuestioner said...

Nick: That's the beauty of liturgical (semi) uniformity - I know roughly what they are saying at any given time in the liturgy because I've also prayed the same thing in my own language! It's the church's culture and language that spans language and culture.

Elizabeth: He,he. I can't seem to give up the -"aysh"es. Augustine ruined me for life.

We'll be gone for three weeks.

Love to you too! Miss you.