Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Campus Epidemic

All over campus students were missing from classes today. Slowly the news seeped out, grapvine borne. One student here, ill. Another student there, stricken. As the morning wore on we began to hear other news by word of mouth. A campus residence hall was, so the rumors murmured, quarintined.

By four o'clock, campus safety sent out a message, urging students to stay calm, avoid mixing if they felt ill, and come to the health center if unpleasant symptoms surfaced. The health center, so the message stated, was working with the county health department to make a diagnosis. Crates of bottled water waited in the lounge of every dorm so that the sick might remain hydrated.

As one gazed around the cafeteria, one was struck by the silence. Ordinarily full tables were now but sparsely occupied. Then they came. The grave-faced men handing out orange slips of paper to everyone in the dining hall, leaving others on tables for those who would come after.

ATTENTION, the slips demand, proceeding to explain that Norovirus is sweeping across the campus, leaving vomiting, nauseated students in its wake. All are to wash hands frequently to "minimize" the "risk of becoming ill." The issuer of this orange bulletin? [----] County Health Department.

It's convenient that this weekend is Parents Weekend. :p


Nick Ig said...

sad my suggestion...
Wear a gas mask
protective suit
thick gloves
heavy boots
disinfect everything before touching it
only eat things you know have been taken care of well

TruthQuestioner said...

Actually, the cleaning personell are wearing masks today. The bathrooms have been completely washed down with bleach and there are cans of lysol floating everywhere so students will disinfect things. :D

As for food, well, I have little control over that. As I don't have a protective suit or rubber boots here, I shall be obliged to disregard that bit of advice. :D

I'll try not to get sick. :D

Rachel D said...

I've said it all week: It seems, within the past two weeks, that everyone in the world is getting sick. My roommate and I got sick earlier this week (Sunday-Thursdayish) and everyone I've talked to is either sick, just getting over being sick, or just getting sick.

Now excuse me while I find another box of tissues.