Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fiziks and Phood

Just because Snap posted on Physics and Anan posted on food. Therefore, I must be fully justified in posting on...

PI! Or Pie! Or Fi!

So here's the problem. I've got this friend and I can't stand up to it. I like it. It likes me. It makes me happy when I've got it but not happy after it's gone. I know I spend way too much time with it, but I can't seem to walk away and refuse it's call. I give in...just this once...I'll quit tomorrow. But tomorrow it is there, wearing the same sweet perfume, adorned with the same light brown jacket over smooth colorful shirt. And I furtively tiptoe over and snatch it up. It is my enemy-friend. To take a literary quote out of context I might suggest that, "it is precious to me though I buy it with great pain." Fi for shame!

Who is this friend?

Pie. Cream pie, Apple pie, Blueberry pie, Peach pie, Cherry pie, Chocolate pie.

Pie has a friend who often tags with it and from whose grasp I have an equally hard time escaping. It is called Ice Cream.

I wish the normal staple foods in the cafeteria were always as tasty as the deserts.

Pie and Icecream may not seem as significant as Isildur's bane, but they can kill just as surely, though more slowly. Even fair Exercise coupled with Salad cannot always restrain these two. Have any of ye noble persons any noble advice on this noble subject?

But that is surely ridiculous, is it not? I wonder what crazed college student wrote that?
Oh wait!


Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Good one, Truth Questioner.

Surely pie and ice cream are adiaphora, right? So, you don't even have to sin boldly to enjoy them, and continue trusting the grace of God along the way.

Moria said...

Although gluttony surely is sin, as when Pie and Ice Cream become Satisfaction, even if only temporarily.

Am I the big party-pooper?

On the other hand, I am all for *fun*, which Magsplat questioned exists (or at least occurs with regularity) on earth.

What is the difference between fun, enjoyment, and gluttony? Surely not something resolved on a blog. ;)

TruthQuestioner said...

No. Rather something resolved in a slice of icecream topped crusted fruit goo! :D

So what is the difference between gluttony and enjoyment?

*Loves adiaphora and annoys people with it*

Moria said...

Food is enjoyed when we appreciate it for food as such--its taste, smell, texture, ability to nourish the body. But a person becomes a glutton when he presumes to find lasting comfort or satisfaction in food, when he expects something of food that food does not give: to receive food as something other than food. It is a form of idolatry.

We don't talk about gluttony too much these days because having lots of food is "normal" or our culture. We're dulled to the dangers of gluttony, as well as many of the other "seven deadly sins." These are deadly sins, though, not just because of what the object is, but because they are forms of idolatry.

So, I am certainly not calling you a glutton, for, as you note, that is something determined not on a blog, but when faced with "a slice of ice cream topped crusted fruit goo!", and in self-examination according to the commandments. :)