Friday, August 8, 2008

Fair Anon Approacheth! And Vacation! And College!

Dah, doo, dah, doo.

This is a post of no great weight meant purely to treat with silliness the three fast approaching events requiring stressfilled preparation.

Sir Walter Scott. Yes, I know I'm crazy to try to memorize three or more poems of his in a week to declaim on Saturday, but somehow I'll do it. I love his poetry, even if this one rather irks me. Lady of the Lake and Marmion are definitely going to be on my wish list for Christmas.

I've still got to pack tack, clean more goats, ready the rabbits, fold origami, bake, arrange flowers, etc for fair.

And pack for vacation, and college.

Unfortunately, my family is dropping me at college half-way through vacation. Which means that everything I need for the first few weeks of classes must come with me on vacation. Oh, sad, rumpled, crinkled shirts! Must I subject you to such a state?

I'll get back to my work now and spare you more silliness.

{Big, silly, toothy grin from me to brighten up your day} :D


Snap said...

Oh. :( So you aren't going to memmorize that one? ;)

Ninja Master Nick-Ig said...

I think she should. ;-)

TruthQuestioner said...

Grrr! I wish I weren't so good at memorizing things.

I've only looked at the poem a couple times and I can't get the first verse out of my head! GRRR.

NO! I'm not going to recite it. It hurtses my self-image. :P

Snap said...

Oh, porbre TQ. :'( We shall have to rebuild your self-image.

Ninja Master Nick-Ig said...

I can find any nails or a hammer will a rusty saw blade and a boot work. Hmm rebuilding things aren't my specialty

Snap said...

we could try that one saw that daddy used when fixing your plumming.... but I don't know exatly how well that would work.....